Join our effort in donating Simply Salad to #feedfrontlineLA healthcare staff!

Simply Salad is also matching 30% of every dollar given, 

so we can make a bigger impact.

Our goal is 10,000 saladsdelivered by May 31st.

The Backstory:
We began donating with our “Free Food for Medical Personnel” event on 3/23, and continued with free deliveries to UCLA Palliative Care, White Memorial and Good Samaritan Hospitals. It’s a good start, but self-funding has become challenging to reach our donation goal, due to the times. After several customers offering to contribute to the goal, we decided to ask all of our loyal supporters for help making a more substantial impact.
Every salad (or wrap) you send is delivered directly to a front line healthcare worker in LA. They risk the most, yet don’t have time or the ability to leave their facilities for food (risk of bringing in outside exposure, long hours, lack of breaks, limited resources).

With your donation we will deliver a salad or wrap directly to a front line healthcare worker in LA.

Any amount donated counts, because you’re giving front-liners a salad and a smile. But here’s how it breaks down:

Nurse, Doctor, Tech, or Admin Donation:

  • $10 – One lunch (1 salad)
  • $50 – Lunch for a week (5 salads)
  • $100 – Lunch for 2  for a week (10 salads)


Hospital Unit Donation:

  • $250 – Lunch for every member of a Hospital Unit (25 salads)
  • $500 – Lunch for 2 Hospital Units (50 salads)
  • $1,000 – Lunch for a week for every member of a Hospital Unit (100 salads)

Entire hospital donation(your choice of hospital; delivered in your name) 

  • $10,000 – Salads for every hospital worker for the day (1000 salads)
  • $60,000 – Salads for every hospital worker for the week (6000 salads)


All deliveries:
1) Will be made by Owners Bruce and Cameron along with paid Simply Salad staff members, while respecting all distancing and sanitizing protocols
2) Will be publicized on @simplysalad social media, seeing your salads going to the cause!
3) For every 10 salads you send, you’ll get one free.**

We are all in this together. Thank you so much for your support in these trying times, and special thanks to those in Healthcare who are sacrificing the most.

Wash your hands please 🙂 

Bruce and Cameron
(don’t forget to post and tag us to your social- help us spread the word!)

*Donate 10 salads, get one free is based on $10/salad donation increments, requires Simply Salad app download, and is funded as a credit we send through the app to your account. It can be used at any location any time on any Simply Salad product, not just our salads!

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